I. Hotel staff

1.1 Job description

Welcome guests, guests in the lobby, concierge
Transport luggage for guests
Ensuring safety of customers’ assets
Bring guests up to the room and guide guests on services in the room
Address complaints, complaints and requests arising from guests
Welcome and see off guests
General hygiene
Participate in professional training and retraining sessions

1.2 entitlements

Salary: 3,000,000 – 4,000,000
Probation: From 1 to 2 months, enjoy 80% of salary
Other regimes: social insurance, Tet holiday bonuses, tourism and other welfare regimes

1.3 Requirements:

Female, aged 20-25
Appearance: Good looking, balanced, healthy appearance, no deformities, height of 1.60m (3cm error)
Knowledge and skills: Have basic knowledge of customer service skills and good communication skills: serving water (pouring water, placing water, inviting water, cleaning tables, cups, wet towels …
Good foreign language ability.
Understand culture, geography, local cuisine and other knowledge related to Thanh Hoa culture and society.

II. Business man

2.1 Job description:

In charge of events taking place at the Hotel: Banquet, Conference, Workshop ….
Performing consulting services, selling services, payment and customer care
Deploying business and advertising campaigns
Market development
In charge of booking, booking, deployment and making payment records with customers
Customer care
Perform other jobs as described by salespeople
Working mainly at Hotel

2.2 entitlements:

Salary: Probation 4,000,000
Hard wages after signing a contract: 5,000,000 – 7,000,000
% Sales per month / quarter / year
Rice at the hotel
Enjoy big holidays of the year
Tourism every year
Other regimes: bonus, welfare, social insurance according to general regulations.

2.3 Requirements

Men and women graduated in economics, love business.
Having experience working at the same position at hotels of 3 stars or more is an advantage
No experience will be trained
Good looks, good communication
Understanding the services of the hotel is an advantage.
Receive documents directly at the counter or send a CV via email: Palmhotel.customercare@gmail.com or contact Mr Boxing: 0915 622 121 (during office hours).

Welcome all candidates!