Organizing your baby’s birthday is indispensable in any family. If you do not have any experience, or do not know how to organize a simple birthday for your child, then Palm Hotel will provide a few basic guidelines to help parents get good preparation and success. most public.

Step 1: Plan a simple, cheap birthday party for your baby

1 / Choose the theme and location for the party

You should consider your child’s interests and may choose a topic to organize the most suitable birthday event. The party venue can be organized at home or also held at the hotel restaurant.

  • Organize birthday at home or restaurant kahchs to have more space.
  • Depending on your child’s gender and interests, you can choose a suitable topic for yourself.

2 / Make a list of guests

The list of guests depends on the size of each party, usually including:

  • Your friend.
  • Family guests, including your father’s and friend’s friends.

Too few guests can make the air boring and lost. Too many people can make the space cramped, difficult to control. So, who is really important, are you invited.

After completing the list, you can write cards to invite each person or you can text and call.

3 / Make a list of things to buy and a cheap birthday party menu for children

I will estimate the number of items to buy, how much food, drinks, decorations … to suit the most cost.

  • Birthday cake.
  • Drinks.
  • Food.
  • Balloon.
  • Candles: Candle numbers, candles, candles …
  • Headgear hat birthday

Step 2: Decorate and prepare food for the party

1 / About decoration:

Mom can buy completely or can also make decorations for the party. It is possible to call on family members to join hands.

2 / About food and drink:

Food and drinks should be included in a simple birthday party for your baby. Mom can buy or go to the kitchen to prepare everything.

3 / About the main character:

She needs to prepare for her to be decent and outstanding because she is the main character of the party. Can give your child a costume that your favorite baby or a cartoon character has.

Step 3: Organize activities in your child’s simple birthday

Organizing a birthday for a cheap baby or with a large expense should not skip this step because babies often do not like to eat much instead of running and jumping more.

1 / Game:

To organize a simple birthday for your baby, you can prepare your baby some games such as painting, puzzle, guessing words, ..

Often parties held at young hotel restaurants often have more space and can also play more games.

2 / Take a picture:

During the birthday of the mother, she should also take photos of the family, take pictures of children with friends … These are extremely impressive moments for children and attendees will also be pictures to keep memories for babies.

Organizing a simple birthday for your child is not too difficult to implement. Parents sometimes only need to come to Palm Hotel with their children to have dinner, blow candles and celebrate birthday is also a simple, warm and memorable party for them. Palm Hotel can help you organize your baby’s birthday in Thanh Hoa with a reasonable cost of your own financial condition.

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