1. What types of rooms are available at the Hotel?

Room type Area (m2) VELOPBath / shower Bed type
Luxury Suite 555,6,7,8Sauna sauna01 Double bed 1.8m
VIP Room 455,6,7,8Sauna sauna01 Double bed 1.8m
Executive room355,6,7,8Standing bathroom01 Double bed 1.8m
Deluxe Twin 385,6,7,8Standing bathroom02 single beds 1.2m

2. Room rates at hotels apply according to room or number of people?

Rates are applied for two people / room and the third person will be charged 200,000 VND for extra beds.

3. How can I make a reservation?

There are 2 simple ways for you to book a hotel room:
Method 1: Call the Hotel phone number or Hotline to make a reservation and get direct advice: 0237.35.99999 – 0913 19 3368

Method 2: Access the website to sell rooms online at and follow the instructions for booking here. After completing the booking steps, the Hotel will actively contact you to respond to your requests.

In addition, in case you are overseas, or you cannot contact by phone or booking a hotel via the website, you can send an email with a detailed reservation request to the address:

4. In case of urgent room, what should I do?

In case you need a folding room, you should call directly Hotel’s switchboard number: 0237.359.9999 or Hotline numbers : 0913.19.3368

5. How to make a reservation for someone else at the hotel?

You only need to provide the name of the hotel guest and the phone number and email address of the guest to contact the Hotel, the hotel will send the confirmation receive via email, phone number provided by you.

6. How different is booking a hotel directly and through booking pages?

When booking directly at the hotel you enjoy a lower price when booking online sites from 15% to 25 % . In addition, the hotel ensures to keep the room for you when you make a reservation. Moreover, you will receive all the privileges that the hotel is applying. You have the right to choose a request that is rarely charged. And it is important that you can reflect directly with the hotel to get the information you need. Besides, when you become a loyal customer of the hotel, you will receive many incentives and discounts when booking for later times.

7. Do I need to deposit / deposit when booking?

All guaranteed booking confirmations need to be guaranteed (deposited) by credit card or (deposit) in cash.

8. How can I cancel a room without being charged?

Depending on the conditions of the booking, please contact our reservations department for more details.

9. How many people can a room stay?

Each room can accommodate up to three (3) people. Please note that a third person will be charged a surcharge.

10. Does the hotel apply discounts for group guests?

Our hotel applies discounts for group guests and long-term guests. For more details on prices for group guests, please contact our Sales Department at or call directly to the number for PBX numbers: 0237.359.9999 or Hotline numbers : 0913.19.3368

11. Does the hotel allow pets to be brought into the room?

Unfortunately, all animals are not allowed to be brought into the hotel premises.

12. Is the room price included for breakfast?

Our hotel room rates include breakfast costs.

13. How about the hotel check-in and check-out time?

According to the rules of check-in time is 14:00 daily, and check-out time is 12:00 daily.

14. Is the hotel available for early check-in?

If there is an empty room, the hotel still accepts early check-in. To make sure you have a room upon arrival, please contact our reservations department at least 24 hours prior to arrival (Only for guests who book directly with the hotel).

15. Does the hotel offer late check out?

Depending on availability, guests will be late to check out.
If late check-out between 14:00 – 15:00 hours, guests will be charged an extra fee of 30% of the room rate. If late check out to 18:00 you will be charged an extra fee of 50% of the room rate. Any guest checking out after 18:00 hours will be charged an additional fee equal to the rate of one day’s stay. The price for late check-out is the hotel’s listed price

16. Does the hotel have 3-bed and 4-bed rooms?

Our hotel only has 01 double bed and twin rooms. If we need three beds, we will add an extra bed and charge a fee. We do not have a four-bed room.

17. Does the hotel have a room equipped with a bath?

Yes, we have a room type equipped with a sauna sauna.

18. Does the hotel have non-smoking rooms?

Non-smoking rooms are always available upon your request.

19. Is there a commercial center near the hotel?

Our hotel is located right in the city center. Right in front of the Corp mark supermarket, and convenience stores, the Vincom Shopping Mall downtown is just a 10-minute drive away.