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Coconut Restaurant at the 10th floor with a capacity of 200 guests, serves breakfast buffet, European and Asian dishes and local specialties, this is the right place to organize banquets, birthday parties, meet guests restaurant and serving rice in the luxurious and intimate space.
The lighting system combines natural light to bring luxurious and close beauty to customers. From the dining tables, you can see the whole view of the southwestern city with rows of lush trees, bright streets, and more amazingly, when you launch your eyes a little further away will be watching the mountains and especially the long-lasting beauty of Hon Vong Phu – a highlight of Thanh Hoa city.
North of the restaurant is a miniature campus with stone tiles decorated and planted with many kinds of flowers, this is a highlight of the restaurant, guests can sit here to sip a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and take photos souvenir photo when stopping at Palm hotel.
Young, beautiful and professional restaurant staff in service style will surely satisfy you when enjoying the dishes prepared by talented chefs.

In addition, Palm Hotel has a staff of party decoration (wedding party, birthday party, class meeting, customer appreciation) and the MC, singer, musician to bring you the space Luxurious, sparkling, lively and impressive events in your events.

Come with us to enjoy Vietnamese specialties! Surely you will have unforgettable experiences.

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