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Celebrate your baby's birthday in Thanh Hoa

Celebrate birthdays for your baby who is about to reach age. The first milestones in the life of young children are greatly appreciated by their parents.

Right from the last months in my stomach, my mother wondered where to organize a party for the year? A cozy small party with the appearance of both grandparents and two aunts and aunts, or a party full of grandiose months with lots of parents’ friends will be a memorable memory for both parents and babies later

When choosing a restaurant location, hotel for a yearly or annual birthday party for your baby, choose locations that meet 4 small things that can’t be overlooked later:

  • Cleanliness is the first thing to aim for, new space, to stimulate people's curiosity.
  • The menu is full of diverse dishes, meeting the gastronomic taste of the majority of adult guests but still must have dishes for children.
  • Decorate a prestigious and professional package. Spacious, private space.

Palm Hotel is an ideal place for you to hold a birthday party, birthday for your children and get a lot of quality 5 * and review reviews. In particular, preferential combo 2 organizes a full party only at Palm Hotel

  • Group of over 40 - 60 people: Baby Lions + Free Karaoke
  • A group of 60 or more people: Baby lucky money + Free karaoke + Gifts worth 500,000
If your child is about to be born, if your baby is coming for a birthday, if you want this 1-year-old birthday for your child, it is a fun occasion for your whole family and a first anniversary.

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